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Speak Thai Course

Learn a lot of Thai conversation

About: The complete solution to Thai conversation. Focused on speaking skills, this course is suitable for complete beginners and individuals who already have some Thai conversation skills and wish to improve. The learning materials are easily adapted for students of all ages and abilities.

Course Aim: Learn both formal and informal conversation on many different subjects and understand the principles of Thai language.

Duration: Every Learner is different but on average the Speak Thai Course (stage 1, 2 & 3) is completed in 30 – 60 hours private tuition. There are no limits on tuition and you get lifetime access to a personal online learning space – Learn for as long as you need at a time, location and pace to suit you with any Thai Style teacher.

Speak Thai Course Fees :

Enrolment : 3,900 THB

Private Tuition : From 300 THB per hour

Travel Expenses : From 50-200 THB depending on your location, peak travel times and transport

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