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Read & Write Thai Course

Already speak Thai? Learn Thai Script

About: The materials teach Thai scripts, the word systems, grammar and sentence structure as well as further conversation skills. Suitable for learners who already have a good understanding of Thai tones and pronunciation and are able to speak basic Thai conversation. This course is the perfect next step after completing the Speak Thai Course.

Course Aim: Learn reading, writing and conversation. This course contains many different exercises to help you practice and remember new skills.

Duration: Every Learner is different but on average the Read & Write Thai Course (6 stages) is completed in 60 – 90 hours private tuition. There are no limits on tuition and you get lifetime access to a personal online learning space – Learn for as long as you need at a time, location and pace to suit you with any Thai Style teacher.

Read & Write Course Fees :

Enrolment : 3,900 THB

Private Tuition : From 300 THB per hour

Travel Expenses : From 50-200 THB depending on your location, peak travel times and transport

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