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Rangsit Thai Language Teacher

Nick Name: Ice

Location: Pathum Thani, Rangsit, 12130

Availability: In Bangkok we support an amazing team of teachers who can arrange flexible Thai classes at any time or any location you request. Start > Stop > Start anytime. No minimum or maximum hours. Learn for as long as you need. Pay-As-You-Learn.

Where do I teach?: I teach most of my lessons at my clients house or workplace. I can also teach at home, in a local cafe or library. I have a car and I can drive to students. I may charge a small fee to cover travel costs, please enquire for more information.

About Me: My name’s Noppawan. My nickname’s Ice.

Besides being a professional, I am also a caring teacher. To make it easier for my students to learn and pick up the language, and as language learning is the matter of repetition and practice, this also helps my students remember vocabulary, sentence structure and so on as well as get the pronunciation right. Moreover, I encourage my students to ask me questions they might have while studying by themselves, to help them learn even faster. I also always follow up and make sure my students are going in the right direction and walking towards success.

I’ve studied English in New York, USA for 10 months. I studied in New York language centre toefl courses that focus on Vocabulary, Grammar and reading skills. While I’m studying, I’ve learnt the heart of business: to provide the best service to customers to make the best satisfaction.

My experiences in NY were the best memories in my life, I learnt to do things that I never done before. I had a great chance to learn new culture and make new friends from around the world.

I’m sincere, hard-working, open minded to learn new things and highly responsible.

Language skills: Fluent in Thai, French and English.

Surnom: Ice

Ville: Pathum Thani, Rangsit, 12130

Disponibilité: Currently Unavailable

Où est-ce que j’enseigne?: J’enseigne la plupart de mes leçons chez mes étudiants ou sur leur lieu de travail. Je peux aussi enseigner chez moi, dans un café ou dans une librairie. J’ai une voiture et donc je peux me déplacer facilement chez mes étudiants. Quelques frais peuvent être appliqués pour les frais de transports, vous pouvez me contacter à ce sujet.

A propos de moi: Je m’appelle Noppawan et mon surnom est Ice.

En plus d’être professionnelle je prends soin de mes étudiants. Pour apprendre le français à mes élèves, j’utilise la pratique et la répétition. Cela permet à mes étudiants de retenir le vocabulaire, la structure de la phrase et la prononciation. Ainsi, j’encourage mes étudiants à me poser des questions qu’ils pourraient avoir en étudiant par eux-mêmes, pour les aider à apprendre plus vite. J’assure le suivi de mes élèves et les encourage dans leur succès.

J’ai étudié l’anglais pendant 10 mois à New-York aux Etats-Unis dans un centre de langue TOEFL qui met l’accent sur la prononciation, le vocabulaire, la grammaire et la lecture. Même si je suis étudiant, j’ai déjà bien appris l’essentiel pour fournir le meilleur service à la clientèle et leur fournir la meilleure satisfaction.

Mes expérience à New-York ont été les meilleurs souvenirs de ma vie, j’ai appris à faire des choses que je n’avais jamais faites auparavant. J’ai eu une grande chance d’apprendre une nouvelle culture et faire de nouveaux amis de partout dans le monde.

Je suis sincère, sérieuse, ouverte d’esprit pour apprendre de nouvelles choses et très responsable.

Compétences linguistiques: Parle aisément Thaï, Français et Anglais.

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Can’t find a local teacher? Check our up-to-date Teacher Location Map. If we have a pin in your local area, we can arrange for a Thai teacher. Not every teacher we support has a profile page on our website so please check the map for coverage. 

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Learning Options & Prices

Different options are available to suit your learning goals. Our packages provide you with structured learning materials and a syllabus that our trained teachers adapt to suit you, your level and aims.

Our materials include worksheets, audio, video, quizzes and much more and ensure you have everything you need to learn Thai effectively during self study and/or in classes with a local/skype teacher.

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Private Tuition

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Our Team & Locations

We support over 1000 Thai teachers in locations across Thailand, UK, USA, Australia & Singapore. You can learn face to face and/or online.

After registration you get lifetime access to all our teachers who are trained to teach Thai using our renowned teaching materials and methods. Therefore you can easily start learning with one teacher and continue consistent classes in another location with a different teacher.

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Why Are We Different?


Sa-Wud-Dee Ka, I’m Kruu Jiab, the head teacher here at Thai Style Language.

We specialise in private Thai classes and support a huge team of local Thai teachers who use modern learning materials and teaching methods to support your Thai language learning experience.

We are dedicated to teaching Thai and provide a well thought through system to support you for as long as it takes you to learn. We’re here to help so if  you have any questions please contact us anytime.

We hope you’d like to start learning with us very soon!


“We Don’t Teach Phrases. We Develop Fluency


Local Freelance Teachers : Private tuition with a native Thai teacher is without any doubt the most effective way to learn Thai. This is why we have trained a HUGE team of Thai language teachers to support you, answer your questions, provide feedback and ensure you learn Thai correctly. After registration with us we set you up with a local teacher and provide access to our renowned learning materials. You can then arrange lessons and pay your teacher directly (we do not take any commission out of tuition fees). Our flexible system allows you to learn for as long as you need on a pay-as-you go basis so you can start / stop / start anytime and arrange classes at a time and location to suit you. Our system ensures you get the support you need to learn Thai without wasting any time or money.

Flexible & Affordable Private Classes : Our system is cheaper than other Thai language schools because we do not take any commission out of your tuition fees. After registration with us, you pay teachers directly. With lifetime access to our team of teachers you can change teacher / location anytime, find a teacher to suit your location / schedule preference and start / stop anytime, only paying for the classes you attend. Flexible is an understatement! 

Renowned Learning Materials : A structured learning method with detailed explainations will leave no question unanswered. When we started Thai Style Language in 2008 there were very few quality learning resources available for Thai language, so we developed our materials from scratch. Our learning materials are renowned for being informative, systematic and very easy to follow, allowing you to develop an understanding of Thai language and Thai people.

Lifetime Learner Support : Because every learner is different, we are here to support you for as long as it takes you to learn Thai. The one-off registration provides lifetime access to the learning materials, updates, teachers and support services. Learn at a pace to suit you and get the support you need when you need it.

Realistic Learning : After years of development we are realistic in our approach to teaching Thai. We do not give false or unrealistic expectations. The average learner cannot master Thai script or conversation in 2 weeks as many other schools or courses claim. It may be possible, but realistically it takes time, effort, a solid method and support. Our approach has been developed to provide you with the resources you need to make learning as easy as possible. Our solution is flexible and informative and it works…




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