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Thai Language & Culture

Tuition for your Children

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Kids Learn Thai

Private Thai Language Tuition at Home

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Thai language classes for children. We teach children in private after school classes focusing on speaking, reading and writing skills as well as assisting with school homework tasks.

Age related learning materials fare provided for extra curricular activities beyond normal schooling. Our team of native Thai teachers help your child to learn step by step in a safe and comfortable environment and we are here to support your teacher and your children throughout their learning experience.


 3 to 10 years old
Fun and intuitive learning materials
Native Thai teachers
Private tuition at your home


What do you get? We have a huge range of learning materials available for all ages and abilities. Depending on your child’s level and aims we will ensure your teacher has the resources they need to provide effective and fun classes.


Learning Materials: The learning materials we provide will suit your child’s age, gender, ability and progressivly build up knowledge with fun games and creativity. A maximum of 10 books will be provided focusing on different subjects. We send 2-3 books at a time and your teacher will advise on the progress and direction so we can send further materials to suit each child as they progress.



Registration fees are paid when you first sign up. Tuition fees are then paid directly to your teacher for as many hours as you need. The registration fee provides access to the learning materials, teachers and support services.


Registration Fees : 

- 1 child : 3,900 THB (private class)

- 2 children : 3,400 THB per child

- 3 children : 2,933 THB per child

- 4 children : 2,500 THB per child


Tuition Fees :

- 1 child (private class) : 300 THB per hour plus travel expenses

- 2 -4 children (small group class) : 450 THB per hour plus travel expenses


Tuition fees do not include travel expenses. Your teacher may charge expenses between 100-200 THB per journey depending on your location and requested schedule. Travel expenses are something you can arrange directly with your teacher.


Getting Started :

Sign up below and we will send you teacher contact details and age appropriate learning materials. If you have any questions about our services or how we can help please contact us.


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