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Wang Lang Market ตลาดวังหลัง

Bangkok Street Food Tours

Learn Thai language and more about Thai food!

Bangkok is a city full of delicious cuisine but one of my all time favorite spots for eating is the Wang Lang Market (ตลาดวังหลัง) located adjacent to Siriraj Hospital in central Bangkok.

Along with a clothing market, there are a host of cheap sit down restaurants and countless street carts serving some of the tastiest Bangkok street food tours.

In this video I start off by taking the boat from Tha Chang pier near Bangkok’s famous Grand Palace (and Wat Phra Kaew), which costs just 3 Thai Baht and takes just 2 minutes, across the Chao Phraya River. As soon as you get off the boat, the Wang Lang Market is right there, ready to be explored.

The first thing I sample is from a small street cart serving what I think is some of the best deep fried pork (moo tod หมูทอดชาววัง) in Bangkok. It’s moist and and extremely flavorful and goes very well with a bag of black sticky rice.

After that I sit down at one of the many Isaan food restaurants and ordered som tam Thai kai kem, regular papaya salad (som tam thai), smoked catfish salad, and nam tok made with beef.

Wang Lang Market wouldn’t be the same without a few sweet treats too. There are many Thai desserts to choose from, but I chose to try one of the most famous Khanom Tungtag (ขนมถังแตก) stalls in all of Bangkok. The dessert is similar to a waffle that is cooked on a griddle and then topped with sweetened shreds of coconut.

Taking a Bangkok street food tour to the area of Siriraj Hospital is one of the most rewarding ways to eat delicious Thai cuisine for cheap!

ไปตลาดวังหลัง กินส้มตำ หมูทอด ตบท้ายด้วยขนมถังแตก


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