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Episode 3

Thinking back to when I was learning the language, this kind of comparison video would have helped me out quite a lot. Listen carefully and tune in to the sounds of the words. Hearing the incorrect and correct ways to pronounce the words may help you sharpen up your speaking and listening skills.

You may know the words but are you saying them in the correct tones? I often hear people making the following mistakes. Use this to improve your pronunciation!

Try to listen out for why the words are incorrect and how they compare to the correct way of saying it.

John is going to post lots of videos here with information about how he became a successful Thai language learner.

Use John’s tips to help you also become successful in learning Thai.

We strongly recommend you find a local native Thai speaker to provide feedback on your pronunciation and tones. To help you learn Thai we support local teachers on our website :

Chock Dee Ka :)

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