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Made for each other




couple/pair + to build/create + couple/pair + be well matched/be suitable for each other

= a couple living together who are suitable for each other like they have been made for each other

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Example sentence:


Kûu Née Sŏ’m Gun Yàang~Gùb Kûu~Sâang~Kûu~Sŏ’m

couple/pair + this + be well matched/be suitable for (each other) + each other/together/one another + as if + a couple who are made for each other

= This couple is suitable for each other like they are made for each other.



คู่ : Kûu = [noun] couple, pair, partner [unit word of things that are made in pair] [Verb] be paired with

สร้าง : Sâang = [verb] to build, to create, to invent, to produce

สม : Sŏ’m = [quality modifier (adverb/adjective)] be well matched,be suitable for each other

นี้ : Née = [distance modifier (adverb/adjective)] this, these

กัน : Gun = [amount modifier (adverb/adjective)] together / each other / one another [verb] to keep out, to prevent, to obstruct, to set aside [verb] to shave, to trim

อย่างกับ : Yàang~Gùb = [preposition phrase] as if, as though


By Kruu Jíab : ครูเจี๊ยบ

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