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Thai Culture

Episode 2

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  1. Jeff Zaloom says:

    John. Realistically, how long from when you started learning Thai did it take you to be fluent? Did you live in Thailand for a period of time? That obviously forced you to learn. Thanks Jeff Z USA

    • Tom Admin says:

      Hi Jeff, good question, and one I get asked quite often.
      After my first holiday in Thailand, I started learning some basic words and phrases from online then after a few weeks of this I was trying out I had learned in my local Thai restaurants and saw that they really enjoyed me speaking their language. This inspired me to carry on. I had another holiday in Thailand 6 months later and seeing the positive reactions I was getting, I was keen to take it further.
      When I got back to England I started to write everything down properly and a year in had someone help me to learn the Thai alphabet. I would say after two years and with some tuition I could get across most of what I wanted to say and read at a basic level. From then on I have been using the language most days at home in the UK as I had a Thai girlfriend here and I have been living with my Thai friends in shared accommodation. The longest period of time I spent in Thailand is two months for a long holiday. It’s been six years now since my first holiday.
      Although it might look like I am fluent on Videos, I have trouble calling myself fluent as I can could think of many things I can’t say yet. I don’t sit down and study the language much these days. It’s a case of using it in everyday life and friends will tell me if they hear me speaking incorrect.
      Happy New Year!

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