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A Funny Story from Kruu Angela

‘Sweet Potato’


Teacher Angela would like to share a funny teaching experience.

When Angela teaches students online via Skype, she would normally share her computer screen with her student.

One day the teacher greeted the student as follows;


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angela-chesterTeacher Angela:


Sà-wùd-dee Kâ

hello + female polite particle

= Hello



Koon Sà-baay~Dee Măi? Ká

you + be well/fine + ? / Are…? + female polite particle

= Are you well?





Sà-wùd-dee Krúb

hello + male polite particle

= Hello



Pŏ’m Sà-baay~Dee Krúb

I (male) + be well/fine + male polite particle

= I am fine.



Kòrb~Koon Krúb

thank + male polite particle

= Thank you.



Láew Koon Lâ Krúb

and then + you + shorten particle + male polite particle

= And you? / How about you?



Teacher Angela:


Chŭn Sà-baay~dee Kâ

I (female) + be well/fine + female polite particle

= I am fine.



Kòrb~Koon Kâ

thank + female polite particle

= Thank you.



Koon Gìn Kâaw Rŭee~Yung? Ká

you + to eat + rice/food + Have/Has…yet? + female polite particle

= Have you eaten?



Gin Kâaw Gùb À-rai? Ká

to eat + rice + with + what? + female polite particle

= What have you eaten? / What do you eat the rice with?





Pŏ’m Gìn Kâaw Láew Krúb

I (male) + to eat + rice/food + already + male polite particle

= Yes, I have eaten.



Gin Kâaw Gùb Mŭu~Pîng Láe’ Pùk Sò’d Krúb

to eat + rice + with + pork~to grill + and + vegetable + be fresh/raw + male polite particle

= I had grilled pork and fresh vegetables.



Láew Koon Lâ Krúb

and then + you + shorten particle + male polite particle

= And you? / How about you?



Teacher Angela:


Chŭn Gìn Láew Kâ

I (female) + to eat + already + female polite particle

= Yes, I have eaten.



Gìn Gài~Ò’b Gùb Mun~Gaew~Píng

to eat + chicken~to roast + potato~(name)~to grill

= I had roast chicken and grilled sweet potato.





Mun~Geaw Kuee À-rai? Krúb

= What is Mun~Geaw?

(มันแกว : Mun~Geaw  is a new word for the student.)



Teacher Angela:


Mun~geaw Kuee Sweet Potato.

potato~(name) + to be; is/am/are (fact) + Sweet Potato.

= Mun~gaew is Sweet Potato.
(In northern dialect, we call sweet potato ‘มันแกว : Mun~Gaew’ and in central dialect we say ‘มันเทศ : Mun~Tê_d’)





Pŏ’m Mâi Rúu~Jùk.

I (male) + no/not + to know/recognise.

= I don’t know it.



Mun Kuee À-rai? Krúb

It + to be; is/am/are (fact) + what? + polite particle.

= What is it?



Teacher Angela:


Chŭn Jà Hâi Koon Duu Rûub Jàak Google Ná Ká

I (female) + will + to let/have + you + to watch/see/look + photo/picture + from + Google + emphasis particle + female polite particle

= I will show you a photo from google.



Teacher Angela used Google to search for photos to help explain the vocabulary.

The teacher wrote the word “รูปมันแกว” in Google image search.

Many photos appear!!!

view here




โอ้!!! คุณครู

Oh!!! Koon Kruu

exclamation + Mr/Ms + teacher

= Oh, teacher!!!



Teacher Angela:

โอ้! ฉันขอโทษค่ะ

Oh! Chŭn Kŏr~Tôd Kâ

exclamation + I (female) + to apologise + female polite particle

= Oh! Sorry about that.



Then teacher Angela wrote the word “รูปมันเทศ”  in Google search instead.

All the pictures then show photos of sweet potatoes!

view here



Teacher Angela:

ฉันขอโทษค่ะ มันแกวเป็นเน็ตไอดอลที่ไทยค่ะ

Chŭn Kŏr~Tôd Kâ. Mun~Gaew Bpe’n Net Idol Têe Thai Kâ

I (female) + to apologise + female polite particle. …(name)… + to be; is/am/are (status) + net idol + at/in (place) + Thai/Thailand + female polite particle

= I’m so sorry. That was an internet idol in Thailand named Mun~Gaew.




คุณครู ผมอยากกินมันแกวปิ้งครับ!

Koon Kruu, Pŏ’m Yàak Gìn Mun~Gaew Pîng Krúb!

Mr/Ms + teacher, I (male) + to desire + to eat + ..(name).. + to grill + male polite particle

= Teacher I would like to eat Mun~Gaew Pîng!



Teacher Angela:


Koon Jà Dtôrng Pîng Ko’n Deaw Ná Ká

you + will + must/have to + to grill + person/human + only/singularly + emphasis particle + female polite particle

= You must grill it for yourself!


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