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Thai Teacher Bangkok

Learn Thai With Kruu SaiLearn Thai With Kruu Sai

Location: Tungkru, Bangkok, 10140

Availability: All day on Wednesday, Sat-Sun from 10am-14pm

Where do I teach?: I teach most of my lessons at my clients house or workplace. I can also teach at home, in a local cafe or library. I have a car and I can drive to students. I may charge a small fee to cover travel costs, please enquire for more information.

About Me: I love to teach. I like to see my students improvement, even in little steps. I know how hard and stressful learning a new language can be. So I would like to help you have a fun and relax in class. Making mistakes are the best way to learn. So don’t be afraid or shy to make mistakes. It’s o.k. After that you will recognize the correct one.

I understand how difficult it is when studying a new language as I’ve been through it with English. I found that besides a student attention and participation, how fast the student can learn depends on who the teacher is and how much effort you put into learning.

I’m willing to teach students with all my abilities. And give them support. If they have any problems please ask even it’s not in the class, I’m going to answer your questions. For someone who lives in another country without knowing the language, It may be hard and sometimes tiring to communicate with local people. I want to help those foreigner to have a great time in Thailand.

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