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Get into …. Kâo….

Learn Thai with Kruu Jiab

นกพิราบหลงเข้ามาในบ้าน และหาทางออกไม่ได้ เจี๊ยบช่วยตั้งนาน

Nó’k~Pí-râab + Lŏ’ng + Kâo + Maa + Nai + Bâan + Láe’ + Hăa + Taang~Òrk + Mâi + Dâi

Jíab + Chûai + Dtûng + Naan

bird~pigeon + to lose one’s way/be infatuated/ be mistaken + to enter/get into + to (come) + in(side) + house/home + and + to look/search for + way~out + no/not + can/possible/be able to.

Jiab + to help + so much as (quantity) + long (time)


This Pigeon lost its way into my house and couldn’t find the way out.

I, Jiab, help it for such a long time.



Grammar point:

When talking about direction in Thai, the speaker needs to use their current location as a centre of direction and direction is either away (ไป : Bpai) from oneself or comes towards (มา : Maa) oneself.

For example, the clause ‘to get into’, in Thai it would depend on the directions

เขาเข้ามาในบ้าน : Kăo Kâo Maa Nai Bâan = He/She comes into the house.

เขาเข้ามากินข้าวในบ้าน : Kăo Kâo Maa Gin Kâaw Nai Bâan = He/She comes into the house to eat food/rice.

(Context: You are inside the house and the person is coming into the house)

เขาเข้าไปในบ้าน : Kăo Kâo Bpai Nai Bâan = He/She goes into the house.

เขาเข้าไปกินข้าวในบ้าน : Kăo Kâo Bpai Gin Kâaw Nai Bâan = He/She goes into the house to eat food/rice.

(Context: You are outside the house and the person is going inside the house)



Note: Modifier = adverb/adjective

นก : Nó’k = [noun] bird, fowl

พิราบ : Pí-râab = [noun] pigeon

นกพิราบ : Nó’k~Pí-râab = [noun] pigeon

หลง : Lŏ’ng = [action verb] to lose one’s way [feeling verb] be infatuated [perception verb] be mistaken, be misunderstood [verb] to remain, be left behind

หา : Hăa = [action verbto look/search for [preposition] to (a person)

ข้าว : Kâaw = [noun] rice, food

ขาว : Kăaw = [noun] white colour [modifier] be white

ข้าวขาว : Kâaw Kăaw = [noun] white rice

คาว : Kaaw = [sense modifier] fishy smell

ข่าว : Kàaw = [noun] news

ข่าวคราว : Kàaw~Kraaw = [noun] news, message, information

เข่า : Kào = [noun] knee

เขา : Kăo (proper pronunciation) เค้า : Káo (informal pronunciation) = [personal pronoun] he/she, him/her, his/hers (the person we are talking about)

เข้า Kâo = [direction verb] to enter, to get into

ออก : Òrk = [direction verb] be out [preposition] out 

มา : Maa = [direction verb] to come [preposition] to (from another place to one’s current location)

ไป : Bpai = [direction verb] to go [preposition] to (away from one’s current location to another place)

ใน : Nai = [preposition] in, inside, indoor, internal

นอก : Nôrk = [preposition] outside, outdoor, external

เมือง : Mueang = [noun] large habitation as in town, city, country

ในเมือง : Nai~Mueang = [noun] downtown 

นอกเมือง : Nôrk~Mueang = [noun] suburb, outlying distric, outskirts

เมืองนอก : Mueang~Nôr= [noun] country outside native country, non-native country, foreign country

ทาง : Taang = [noun] way, route, path, trail, passage [preposition] by, via

ทางเข้า : Taang~Kâo = [noun] way in, entrance

ทางออก : Taang~Òrk = [noun] way out, exit

บ้าน : Bâa= [noun] house, home

และ : Láe’ = [conjunctionto enter, to get into 

ไม่ : Mâi = [negative modifier] no, not

ได้ : Dâi = [ability/possibility modifier] can, be possible, be able to [verb] to obtain [tense] past tense (did action)

ช่วย : Chûai = [verb] to help, to aid

ตั้ง : Dtûng = [quantity modifier] so much as (quantity) [verb] to establish, to form, to set up, to initiate [action verb] to erect [classifier/unit word] pile, wad, pack, stack, slab

นาน : Naan = [time modifier] be long (time)

เร็ว : Re’w = [time modifier] be quick, be fast

By Kruu Jiab


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