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Desire & Requesting

Speak Thai Course : Chapter 8

Many people have contacted me lately asking questions about ‘requesting’ in Thai. There are a number of different ways to ask for something.

To provide a full explanation I have posted Chapter 8 of my Speak Thai Course to help you understand the in’s and out’s of requesting in Thai language.


Getting Started : The two PDF Worksheets are the same however one includes transliteration and the other is a Thai only version for those who can already read Thai script. Download your worksheet and follow along with the audio. Once you have studied the worksheets move onto the quizzes to test your Thai!

The homework and quizzes have been developed to provide you feedback on the five main language learning factors; Listening and pronunciation skills, Vocabulary and structure accuracy, Function, Fluency and Principles.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact me via my Facebook Page. Oh, and if you like my materials and want to learn more, check out my Speak Thai Course here that includes lots more interactive materials and detailed worksheets.

Please note, if you are a beginner learner I highly recommend learning with native speakers who can correct your pronunciation, provide feedback and answer your questions.


PDF Worksheets & Audio Downloads :

> Download Transliteration Version

> Download Thai Only Version

> Download MP3 Audio


Quiz 28 (C8 S1)



Quiz 29 (C8 S2)

Requesting to get or to have something


Quiz 30 (C8 S3&4)

Requesting question word ‘Dâi~Măi? = Can …… ? ; Could ……. ?’
& Answering the question word ‘Dâi~Măi? = Can …… ? ; Could ……. ?’


Quiz 31 (C8 S5)

Ordering food in a restaurant



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