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Spoken Languages

Languages-SpokenWhat languages do our Thai teachers speak?

If English is not your first language, learning Thai with a teacher who can speak your native language can be a huge help to your learning.

Every teacher we register is a Native Thai Speaker who speaks English, but many of our teachers can also speak a third or fourth language.

Use the list to find a Thai language teacher who speaks your native language.

The below teachers may be able to teach you both in person and / or online via Skype.

Supported Languages : Thai, English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Danish, Scandinavian, Russian, Korean, Malay, Mon, Lao, Vietnamese, Cambodian & Irish Sign language


Chinese Speaking Thai Teachers

Kruu Elle (Bangkok)

Kruu Jinnie (Bangkok)

Kruu Benz (Singapore)

Kruu Snack (Chonburi)

Kruu Meow (Samut Songkram)

Kruu Lily (Coventry, UK)

Kruu Dew (Swansea, Wales)

Kruu Louis (Bangkok)

Kruu Lin (Bangkok)

Kruu Chris (Bangkok)

Kruu Yin (London)

Kruu Cee (Chiang Mai)

Kruu Tiew (Chiang Mai)

Kruu Karn (Udon Thani)

Kruu Hong (Khon Kaen)

Kruu Fai (Khon Kaen)

Kruu Max (Hat Yai)

Kruu Tu (Lampang)

Kruu Jern (Bangkok)

Kruu Mui (Bangkok)

Kruu Kate (Phuket)

Kruu Ken (Oxford)

Kruu Na (Phuket)

Kruu Nissin (Prachuap Khiri Khan)

Kruu Nun (Coventry, UK)

Kruu Nicole (London)

Kruu Pum (Chester, UK)

Kruu May (Leeds, UK)

Kruu Pat (Los Angeles, USA)

Kruu Paula (Los Angeles, USA)

Kruu Oil (Bangkok)

Kruu Oyl (Bangkok)

Kruu Kook (Bangkok)

Kruu Peung (Saraburi)

Kruu Loui (Bangkok)

Kruu Noei (Birmingham)

Kruu Mon (Bangkok)



Japanese Speaking Thai Teachers

Kruu Pan (Bangkok)Japanese

Kruu Fern (Bangkok)

Kruu Benz (Singapore)

Kruu Mai (Bangkok)

Kruu Pang (London)

Kruu Nok (Chanthaburi)

Kruu You (Chonburi)

Kruu Batt (Bangkok)

Kruu Deedee (Aberdeen, Scotland)

Kruu Ano (Seattle, USA)

Kruu Pam (Chonburi)

Kruu Pana (Ayutthaya)

Kruu Bua (Middlesbrough, UK)

Kruu Noon (Las Vegas, USA)

Kruu Pam (London)

Kruu Pupae (London)

Kruu Aom (Bangkok)

Kruu Jay (Kent, UK)

Kruu Aor (Kent, UK)

Kruu Jae (Bangkok)

Kruu Uii (Bangkok)

Kruu Ning (Bangkok)

Kruu Thep (Chiang Mai)

Kruu Sarah (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Kruu Fern (Bangkok)

Kruu Oil (Bangkok)

Kruu Noei (Birmingham, UK)

Kruu Dew (Birmingham, UK)

Kruu Gift (Bangkok)



French Speaking Thai Teachers

Kruu Jah (Bangkok)French

Kruu Saree (London)

Kruu Ice (Bangkok)

Kruu Benz (Singapore)

Kruu Lek (Suphanburi)

Kruu Pomme (Bangkok)

Kruu Puifai (Chiang Mai)

Kruu Bianca (York, UK)

Kruu Oyl (Bangkok)

Kruu May (Bangkok)

Kruu Chi-Chi (Bangkok)

Kruu Pana (Ayutthaya)

Kruu Cookie (Hampshire, UK)

Kruu Kelly (Singapore)

Kruu Noi (Bangkok)

Kruu Anne (Chiang Mai)

Kruu Gob (Phetchaburi)

Kruu Joe (London)

Kruu Yam (Ipswich, UK)

Kruu Ying (Chonburi)

Kruu Duan (Reading, UK)

Kruu Noei (Birmingham)

Kruu Prikletz (Surin)



German Speaking Thai Teachers

Kruu Jah (Bangkok)German

Kruu Fee (Bangkok) Swiss-German dialect

Kruu Une (Bangkok)

Kruu Benz (Singapore)

Kruu Tida (London)

Kruu Ronja (London)

Kruu Ann (Phuket)

Kruu Jommy (Bangkok)

Kruu Mook (Bangkok)

Kruu Oil (Bangkok)

Kruu Wi (Bangkok)

Kruu Non (Chiang Mai)

Kruu Minth Fah (Bangkok)

Kruu Amber (Oxford, UK)

Kruu Nuke (Chiang Mai)

Kruu Gung (Cheshire, UK)

Kruu Eim (Bangkok)

Kruu Fee (Nakhon Pathom)

Kruu Tan (Bangkok)



Italian Speaking Thai Teachers

Kruu Juliet (Bangkok)Italian

Kruu Lek (Suphanburi)

Kruu Bird (Leicestershire, UK)

Kruu Gift (New York, USA)

Kruu Brinda (Bangkok)



Spanish Speaking Thai Teachers

Kruu Idy (Bangkok)Spanish

Kruu Fai (Chiang Mai)

Kruu Fai (Bangkok)

Kruu Pam (London)

Kruu Non (Chiang Mai)

Kruu Alice (Phuket)

Kruu Mee (Leeds, UK)

Kruu Pum (Chester, UK)

Kruu Amber (Oxford, UK)

Kruu Art (Kent, UK)



Polish Speaking Thai Teachers

Kruu Na (Chonburi)Polish

Kruu New (London)

Kruu Niw (Bangkok)



Danish Speaking Thai Teachers

Kruu Pearl (Bangkok)Danish

Kruu Minth Fah (Bangkok)

Kruu Ploy (Southampton, UK)



Scandinavian Speaking Thai Teachers

Kruu Belle (Bangkok) Swedish

Kruu Chan (Hua Hin) Norwegian / Swedish

Kruu Oum (Khon Kaen) Finnish



Russian Speaking Thai Teachers

Kruu Ben (Nakhon Ratchasima)Russian

Kruu Tangmo (Colchester, UK)

Kruu Pond (Edinburgh, Scotland)



Korean Speaking Thai Teachers

Kruu Tong (Bangkok)

Kruu Benz (Singapore)Korean

Kruu Saran (Bangkok)

Kruu May (Bangkok)

Kruu Mod (Krabi)



Hindi Speaking Thai Teachers

Kruu Sanya (Bangkok)Hindi




Malaysian Speaking Thai Teachers

Kruu Song (Chonburi)Malaysian Bahasa Malay

Kruu Benz (Singapore)

Kruu Lily (Coventry, UK)



Mon Speaking Thai Teachers

Kruu Sinee (Bangkok)Mon

Kruu Took (Chonburi)



Lao Speaking Thai Teachers

Kruu Gai (Bangkok)Lao

Kruu Natt (Newcastle, UK)

Kruu Fon (Bueng Kan)

Kruu Tong (San Fransisco, USA)

Kruu Fai (Chiang Mai)

Kruu Yao (Bournemouth, UK)

Kruu Ket (Seattle, USA)

Kruu Sue (Wisconsin, USA)

Kruu Jubjang (Colorado, USA)

Kruu Ben (Kalasin)

Kruu Ning (Kalasin)

Kruu Jin (Khon Phanom)

Kruu Nuch (Nakhon Ratchasima)



Vietnamese Speaking Thai Teachers

Kruu Ma (Saraburi)Vietnamese



Cambodian Speaking Thai Teachers

Kruu J (Norfolk, UK)Cambodian

Kruu Aim (Lancashire, UK) Surin dialect



Irish Sign Language

IrishKruu Ngim (Bangkok)





Please note:

- The teachers listed above may be a beginner, intermediate, fluent or native speaker of the indicated language. We only test teachers English language skills.

- Thai Style Language provides learning materials written in English. You and your teacher may provide supplemental materials in your native language however Thai Style Language is only able to support Thai / English learning materials. 

- Teachers listed above are freelance and tuition is subject to availability. We advise learners to contact us prior to registration if certain language skills are required.



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