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The Sky After The Rain

ฟ้าหลังฝน : Fáa Lŭng Fŏ’n



ฟ้าหลังฝน มีสิ่งสวยงามเกิดขึ้นเสมอ

หลังวันที่เลวร้าย สิ่งดีๆ จะตามมา



Fáa Lŭng Fŏ’n Mee Sìng Sŭay~Ngaam Gèrd~Kûen Sà-mĕr

Lŭng Wun Têe Le_w~Ráay, Sìng Dee~Dee Jà Dtaam Maa

Sŭm~Nuan Née Hâi Gum-lung Jai Nai Way-laa Têe Rao Tóok


sky + after + rain + have + thing + be beautiful + to occur/happen + always

after + day + that/which + be bad, thing + be good/nice + to follow + to come

aphorism + this + to give/for + energy + heart + in + time + that/which + misery


There is always something beautiful after the rain.

After the bad day, good things will come.

This aphorism is an encouragement for the day you feel miserable.



ฟ้า : Fáa = [noun] sky [noun] blue sky colour

หลัง : Lŭng = [preposition] after [noun] back of the body [noun] back part of something

ฝน : Fŏ’n = [noun] rain (liquid)

มี : Mee = [verb] to have, to own, to possess, there is/are, consist of, contain of

สิ่ง : Sìng = [noun] thing (abstract/object)

สวยงาม : Sŭay~Ngaam = [quality modifier] be beautiful, be charming, be exquisite, be fine

สวย : Sŭay = [quality modifier] be beautiful

งาม : Ngaam = [quality modifier] be charming

เกิดขึ้น : Gèrd~Kûen = [verb] to happen, to occur, to arise

เกิด: Gèrd = [action verb] to be born, to take birth [verb] to happen, to take place, to occur

ขึ้น : Kûen = [action verb] to go up, to increase, to rise up, to be up

เสมอ : Sà-mĕr = [time modifier] always, regularly

ที่ : Têe has many uses but in this lesson it is [link word/relative pronoun] that, which, what, who, where, when, why (used to link words, clauses or sentences)


คนที่ดี : Ko’n Têe Dee = A person who is good

คนที่พูดดี : Ko’n Têe Pûud Dee = A person who speaks nice

คนที่พูดดีที่ฉันรู้จัก : Ko’n Têe Pûud Dee Têe Chŭn Rŭu~Jùk = A person who speaks nice which I know of.

ฉันชอบอะไรที่ทอมชอบ : Chŭn Chôrb À-rai Têe Tom Chôrb = I like things that Tom likes. / I like what Tom likes.

เลวร้าย : Le_w~Ráay = [quality modifier] be bad, be misarable, be evil, be immoral, be wicked

เลว: Le_w = [quality modifier] be bad, be immoral

ร้าย : Ráay = [quality modifier] be cruel, be vicious

ดีๆ : Dee~Dee = [quality modifier] be good, be nice (used when emphasising the good quality of something/action)

Grammar: In Thai language, we can repeat a modifier (English: adverb/adjective) or a phrase to emphasise the quality of a modifier. The meaning may change slightly and we may use it in some situation only. The written form when repeating a word or a phrase is ๆ.

จะ : Jà = [tense word] will (any time in the future) (used before a verb)

ตาม : Dtaam = [action verb] to follow, to go/com along [preposition] along, among

มา : Maa = [direction action verb] to come [preposition] to (away from current location) [tense word] to now, up to now, till now (used after a clause or sentence)

สำนวน : Sŭm~Nuan = [noun] saying, motto, aphorism

นี้ : Née = [distance modifier used after object/thing/human] this, these

นี่ : Nêe = [noun] this thing, these things [distance modifier used after the word place]

ที่นี่ : Têe~Nêe = this place, here ( ที่: Têe = [noun] place)

ให้ : Hâi = [action verb] to give, to pass on [link word/preposition] for (sense: passing something to someone) [permission verb] to allow, to let (someone do something), to have (someone do something)

กำลังใจ : Gum-lung~Jai = [noun] encouragement

กำลัง: Gum-lung = [noun] energy [tense word] be/is/am/are  ….ing (used in front of a verb)

ใจ : Jai = [noun] heart, mind, spirit

ใน : Nai = [preposition] in

เวลา : Way-laa = [noun] time

เรา : Rao = [pronoun] we/us/our/ours

ทุกข์ : Tóok = [feeling verb] be distressed [noun] sorrow


By ครูเจี๊ยบ : Kruu Jíab (Thai Style’s head teacher)

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