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Thai Tones Quiz

Test your knowledge of Thai tones

Complete the quiz and your results will be shown at the end. You will also have the chance to review each question by clicking “View Questions” at the end of the quiz. This is a great way to improve your listening skills. Have Fun!

Take the quiz & test your knowledge on Thai tones




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6 Comment to “Thai Tones Quiz”

  1. Maesschalck Eric says:

    Very difficult !!! Thank you, excellent quiz ! I would like some more because they are the perfect way to train our ears to Thai language !!!

  2. tonelevels very import .need to practice everday.

  3. can not see my results.??

  4. Kem Clements says:

    Although I’m concentrating on reading/writing Thai I realise the importance of tones. But I’m Tone Deaf, as any of my neighbours who have listened to me play my guitar will confirm. So I’ve downloaded a Voice Analyser (from a rival website) and it works perfectly. or so I thought. (Very pretty coloured plots). I ran the quiz through it and entered my interpretation of the 40 read-outs into the answer box. I got 30%. Then I tried it “by ear” and got 60%.
    Conclusion. There’s more to tones than meets the eye!

    • Tom Admin says:

      Fantastic! Great to hear from you Ken! Yes, it is about listening and practising. Keep coming back to do the test as many times as you need. Also, reviewing your answers at the end will provide you with some feedback. This is a great way to see where you went wrong and you can usually then hear the correct tone (when you know the answer).
      Chock-dee Krub :)

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