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(ไข่ลวก) : Soft Boiled Egg Shot

Thai Breakfast and Aphrodisiac

What do you like to eat for breakfast in Thailand? Have you tried this?

Today I head to a local market in Bangkok, Thailand to eat an authentic and man-ly Thai breakfast dish known as Kai Luak (ไข่ลวก) – a soft boiled egg served as a shot.

It is served slimy and juicy, you add a dash of pepper and take the shot. I would recommend washing it down with a sip of Thai style breakfast coffee.

I also dig into Thai style donuts known as Patongo (ปาท่องโก๋). These little pillows of dough are deep fried in little “X” shapes. They are super crunchy on the outside and wonderfully soft and fluffy on the inside. Some people eat them plain while others dip them into “sang kaya” sauce.

There are not many distinguishable Thai breakfast dishes, if you are in the mood for rice and curry or rice and stir fried Thai food, you won’t have a problem locating them. But Kai Luak (ไข่ลวก) and Patongo (ปาท่องโก๋) are two uniquely Thai breakfast dishes that you can find on the streets of Bangkok and throughout the country.

When you are in Thailand, don’t forget to sample some Thai breakfast foods as well:…

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