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เมื่อคืนนี้ พระจันทร์เต็มดวงและใหญ่เกินปกติ
มีลมแรง เมฆเคลื่อนตัวเร็ว และคลื่นแรง


Mûea~Kueen~Née, Prá~Jun Dte’m~Duang Láe’ Yài Gern~Bpò’k-gà-dtì
Mee Lo’m Raeng, Mê_k Klûean~Dtua Re’w, Láe’ Klûeen Raeng
Mun Châang Duu Muean Fŭn


last night, the moon + be full in round shape + and + be big + far more than usual
there is/are + wind + be strong, cloud + be in movement + be quick/fast/rapid + and + wave + be strong
it + indeed/really/so + look + alike/same + to dream


Last night, there was a full moon and (it) was much bigger than usual.
There was a strong wind. (The) cloud moved rapidly and the waves were rough.
It really looks like a dream. / It looks so surreal.






เมื่อคืนนี้ : Mûea~Kueen~Née = [time modifier] last night (เมื่อ : Mûea = when/at (time), คืนนี้ : Kueen = night, นี้ : Née = this)

พระจันทร์ : Prá~Jun = [noun] moon (พระ : Prá = monk, buddha, จันทร์ : Jun = luna, moon)

เต็มดวง : Dte’m~Duang = [verb] be full in round shape (เต็ม : Dte’m = be full (amount), ดวง : Duang = [noun] orb, circle, dot, spot, speckle, sphere, disk/disc [unit word] for a round shape object or circle)

และ : Láe’ = [conjunction] and

ใหญ่ : Yài = [size modifier] 1) be big, be large (thing) 2) important, main, significant (event)

เกินปกติ : Gern~Bpò’k-gà-dtì = [amount modifier] far more than usual

มี  : Mee = [verb] to have/own/possess, there is/are, contain of, consist of

ลม  : Lo’m = [noun] wind

แรง : Raeng = [energy modifier] be strong

เมฆ : Mê_k = [noun] cloud

เคลื่อนตัว : Klûean~Dtua = [action verb] be in movement, to move oneself (เคลื่อน : Klûean = to move, to change position, ตัว : Dtua = [noun] body, figure, form, build [unit word] for animal or figure)

เร็ว : Re’w = [speed modifier] be quick, be fast, be rapid

คลื่น : Klûeen = [noun] wave

มัน : Mun = [personal pronoun] it

ช่าง : Châang = [modal word] indeed, really, truly, very, so, terribly, [noun] mechanic, craftsman [verb] to let (something) go out of mind

ดู : Duu = [action verb] 1) to watch, to look at or observe attentively, typically over a period of time, 2) to look after, to keep under careful, protective, or secret observation, to observe and guard in a protective way, 3) to exercise care, caution, or restraint about, 4) to look out or be on the alert for

เหมือน : Muean = [conjunction] same, like, alike, as, as if

ฝัน : Fŭn = [sense verb] to dream [noun] dream

With: ครูเจี๊ยบ : Kruu Jiab

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