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Learn Thai in Florida USA

Featured Thai Teacher: Learn Thai With Me!

Nick Name: KC

Location: Orlando, Florida, 32792

General Availability: 7 days per week, all day.

Where do I teach?: I teach most of my lessons at my clients house or workplace. I can also teach at home, in a local cafe / library. I have a car and I can drive to students. I may charge a small fee to cover travel costs, please enquire for more information.


About Me: Sawaddee kha!! Hello, Welcome, and Thank you !! My name is Kanokporn and I am a native of Thailand who lives and teaches Thai language in Orlando, FL.

I have experience as a Thai language teacher since I was living in Washington, DC in 2009. My Thai lessons focus on “standard Thai.” You will learn to speak to any Thai person from a child to a professor. My teaching can include listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Thai is not a difficult language to learn. From my experience, teaching one on one is the best way to gain fluency. I offer classes vie Skype, Face Time, one-on-one, and in person. The best way to learn a language is by speaking with a native speaker.

I am a good Thai teacher because I have experience from 2009 to present. Not only do I have teaching experience, I have learning experience since I originally began studying English as a complete beginner. I understand what is required to teach all levels.

I speak very clear standard Bangkok Thai. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and have experience working for a state enterprise for over ten years in Bangkok, Thailand.

I have been to many states in the US and abroad. I like to travel but I don’t like to fly. Right now, as well as teaching Thai language I am a part time English student.

Language skills: Native Thai speaker and intermediate in English.

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