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Thai Provinces With Audio

An Interactive Map of Thailand

Learn the names of all 77 Thai provinces. Hover over the locations to view the province name and click to hear the audio.

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Area Vocabulary

Thailand’s area administration

[formal] ประเทศไทย : Prà-tê_d Thai = Thailand (ประเทศ : Prà-tê_d = [noun] country)

[Colloquial] เมืองไทย : Mueang Thai = Thailand (เมือง : Mueang = [noun] large area of human habitation as big as town, city or country)


Area administration of Bangkok

[formal] เขต : Kè_d : district  + …(name of the district)…

[formal] แขวง : Kwăeng : subdistrict  + …(name of the subdistrict)…


Area administration of provinces in Thailand

[formal] จังหวัด : Jung-wùd : province + …(name of the province)…

[formal] อำเภอ : Um-per : district  + …(name of the district)…

[formal] อำเภอเมือง : Um-per Mueang : head/town district of + …(name of the province)…

[formal] ตำบล : Dtum-bo’n : subdistrict  + …(name of the subdistrict)…


Area words used throughout Thailand

[formal] ในเมือง : Nai~Mueang = [noun] city centre; town centre; down town; inner city (ใน : Nai = [preposition] in)

[formal]  นอกเมือง : Nôrk~Mueang = [noun] suburb; suburbia; outskirts; outlying district (นอก : Nôrk = [preposition] out)

[formal]  หมู่บ้าน : Mùu~Bâan = [noun] village; real estate village (หมู่ : Mùu = [noun/unit word] group; collection; crowd; party; squad; herd; flock, บ้าน : Bâan = house; home)

[formal]  ถนน : Tà-nŏ’n = [noun] road; main road

[formal]  ซอย : Soi = [noun] street or road that is off the main road

[formal]  หมู่ : Mùu = [noun] village number

[formal]  บ้านเลขที่ : Bâan~Lê_k~Têe = [noun] House Number (เลข : Lê_k = [noun] number, ที่ : Têe = [ordinal modifier] -st, -nd, -rd, -th)


Learn more about each Thai province on wikipedia

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