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Learn Thai Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Featured Thai Teacher: Learn Thai With Me!

Learn Thai SukhumvitNick Name: Nice

Location: Sukhumvit Road, Udomsuk, Bangkok, 10110

Availability: Everyday after work or it can be negotiable with students too. Sunday is usually my day off.

Where do I teach?: I teach most of my lessons at my clients house or workplace. I can also teach at home, in a local cafe or library. I may charge a small fee to cover travel costs, please enquire for more information.

About Me: My dear students, As I have been in the world of foreign media for quite a long time,  I realise that foreigners are not only interested in Thai language but also the habits of Thai people, the characters and the society. Many times you might want to understand the nature of Thai people and society. You might want to understand more about Thai smiles. Many questions might come up and you need answers. I am very good at telling the stories based on Thai history and how it developed to be the country it is today.

I am a limited edition Thai teacher because I have been working for foreign media for more than 7 years, so I know what foreigners are looking for and the questions that foreigners might ask about the mentality of Thai people, Thai culture, Thai characters.

Language will not be your barrier anymore if you open your mind to understand and open your heart to communicate. When you are able to speak Thai and swim into the deep to the bottom of Thai people’s heart, you will be the winner in all situations and you will love to learn more about Thailand and Thai culture.

Don’t ask me what is my favourite food because I love eating almost everything :) My hobbies are talking to people in real life, observing and analysing what’s going on with society and people around me with sharp eyes and sharp ears.

I love taking photos and making my photo campaign project as sometimes I wish I can make my society better… it’s because I love to see where I live as the best place not only for foreigners but also among Thais.

You can try if you like to be my student and if you are happy that I become your teacher :)

Best wishes to all my dear students!

Language skills: Fluent in both Thai and English.

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