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Burmese Cuisine

Authentic Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand

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Burmese cuisine is simply delicious – an intricate blend of tastes and dishes influenced in part by Indian and Chinese cuisine, but uniquely and traditionally Burmese.

When I was in Yangon, I was able to sample quite a few amazing tasting foods including rice and curry, seafood, and a lot delicious mixed salads.

When I stumbled into this Myanmar community in Bangkok’s Phra Khanong district, I knew I was in for some more authentic and delicious Burmese cuisine!

Mona is the owner and chef of this little hole in the wall Burmese restaurant in Bangkok, and she cooks up some flavors of Burma that are out of control good! As you can tell from the video, the owner is not only an outstanding Burmese food cook, but she also has an enthusiastic and friendly personality.

The first dish we ordered was Laphet Thohk, a famous Burmese green tea leaf salad. It was excellent – a lovely array of pickled tea leaves, fried chickpeas and lots of fresh chillies and garlic.

We then ordered Tohpu Thohk, a Burmese tofu salad made with daal lentils. It was dressed in a sweet soy sauce like dressing and topped with a few fragrant herbs.

Although Mona does serve Burmese mohinga noodle soup, we opted for the dry noodles called Khao Swè Thohk. It showed up in all its glory, a bowl full of rice noodles covered in chicken and herbs and dressed with a little chili oil sauce.

Burmese cuisine and all their dishes are delicious!

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