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Yes/No question word ไหม : Măi?

I went for a walk along the beach today

Brighton beach is not a sandy Thai beach but in my opinion, it’s beautiful in its own way. What do you think? Do you feel the same? Are you agree?

Sentence structure : Subject + Explanation + Question + Particle

Thai scripts : ทะเลไบรทัน + สวย + ไหม + คะ

Transliterations : Tá-lay Brighton + Sŭay + Măi? + Ká

Translation word by word : sea Brighton + be beautiful + ? + polite particle

English translation : Is the Brighton sea beautiful? / Brighton beach is beautiful, isn’t it?

The yes/no question ไหม : Măi? is used after a statement to change a statement into a question when you want to know a ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ answer. ไหม : Măi? is equivalent to ‘Do…?, Would…?, Are…?, Is…?, Am…?’ in English.  (Learn more in my Speak Thai Course Chapter 1 and 14)

ครูเจี๊ยบ : Kruu Jiab

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