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Thai Basil Chicken: Bangkok $1 Lunch

Kra Pao Gai Kai Dao : กระเพราไก่ไข่ดาว

Thai basil chicken with a fried egg on the side – YUM

Thai basil chicken with a fried egg on the side (known in Thai as Kra Pao Gai Kai Dao กระเพราไก่ไข่ดาว) is one of the staple dishes of Thailand.

It’s one of those dishes that everyone orders if they don’t know what to eat – a dish that’s nearly omnipresent at all stir fry Thai restaurants throughout the country and even abroad.

I sometimes compare Thai basil chicken (กระเพราไก่) to the hamburger and fries combo meal at any fast food restaurant in the West, and while it’s not overly healthy due to being stir fried in oil and including a fried (almost deep fried) egg, it’s still probably much healthier (with nothing processed) than a burger and fries.

Thai basil chicken all begins with hot oil in a wok. The chicken is fried for a few moments along with pounded chillies and garlic, and then doused with dark soy sauce, a splash of sugar and salt. The final procedure in preparing kra pao gai is to toss in a big handful of fragrant Thai holy basil that makes for the signature flavor. The dish is then scooped onto a bed of steamed rice and combined with a fried egg (if you choose to order it that way).

The flavor from the holy basil is what really makes the dish so unique, well known, and just simply delicious!

Another one of the best things about Thai basil chicken is that it’s available on the street of Bangkok and throughout Thailand for just $1 or a little more including a fried egg. Now that’s a dollar menu you can be happy with!


This video contains royalty free music by Kevin MacLeod

The track used in this video is called “Living Voyage.” Here is a direct download to the song:…

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I used this song royalty free under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. The video includes attribution to the producer of the music.

Thank you for watching and when you go to a Thai restaurant next time, be sure to order up some “kra pao gai!”

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