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Learn Thai with music!

ผู้ชายในฝัน / Poo Chai Nai Fun (The Man of my Dreams)

A great way to learn and practice your Thai language with Thai music! This is a classic!

Dtung dtae pen sao dtem gai
Since I’m a full-bodied woman
หา ผู้ชาย ถูก ใจ ไม่มี
Hah poo chai took jai mai mee
I haven’t found a guy who satisfies me
เมื่อ คืน ฝันดี น่าตบ
Meua keun fun nee nah dtop
Last night, I had such a good dream, I should be slapped
ฝันฝัน ว่าพบ ผู้ชาย ยอด ดี
Fun fun wah pob poo chai yaut dee
I dreamt that I met the most amazing man

Pah pai tiao doo nung
He took me out to see a movie
Pah pai nung joo jee
He took me to sit and make out
Laeo pah pai tiao chom suan
Then took me to Chomsuan
Det dauk lum duan song hai duay see
He sent me the most beautiful flowers too!

Siap hoo hai dtung lai hon
He nibbles my ears over and over
Siap lon siap lon dtung hah hok tee
Nipping and nipping five or six times
ต๊กใจ ตื่นตอนตีสี่
Dtok jai dteun dtaun dtee see
Surprised, I woke up at 4am
แหมเสียดายจัง เฮ่อ เสียดายจัง
Mae sia dai jung hur sia dai jung
Man, what a pity, aw, what a pity!

(*) ตีห้าไม่ถึงก็จวน
Dtee hah mai teung gor juan
By 5am, I was nearly asleep
Kit top tuan reuang fun chun dee
Thinking over and over about my good dream
Poo chai arai nah yik
What guy is pinchable?
Grasee grasik nahruk nah dtee
Tee hee, cute and spankable
Pian mah aut ur sur
Who persistantly tries to woo me
Kum sanor mahk mee
With many beautiful words
Fun wah kit yoo wum wahm
Dreaming and thinking has me hot and bothered
ถ้าถูก ลวนลาม จะทำไงดี
Tah took luan lahm ja tum ngai dee
If I was assaulted, what should I do?
Kwahm kit por yoot long pup
As soon as I stop my thoughts
Moop mup noop nup kao jup kao jee
He quickly grabs me and takes me
ต๊กใจ ตื่นมาเสียนี่
Dtok jai dteun mah sia nee
Surprised, I wake up and lose it
แหมเสียดายจัง เฮ่อ เสียดายจัง
Mae sia dai jung hur sia dai jung
Man, what a pity, aw, what a pity!

[NOTE: Special thanks and credit to for her translation ~ :D]

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