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Positive feedback is great to hear but constructive feedback helps us to improve our services. We listen to all student and teacher feedback and ensure we learn from every experience. We have changed, added and improved many aspects of Thai Style with help from many individuals. We are always improving and developing our services as all good businesses should.

We regularly add new comments, suggestions and feedback openly here for all to read. We have nothing to hide and would love to hear from you > Leave us Feedback


Comments from learners who have invested time to understand and learn about our materials, teachers and support systems.

Here is what our students say about their learning experience;


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Learning Material Reviews;

“The materials have been great, very well laid out and now that I’m close to finishing the second work book I can see how the structure is evolving throughout the lessons. 10/10!. I have used self taught books which were never very good as I didn’t know how to pronounce the sounds or have any direction or explanation in how the language worked. Thai style has been brilliant, the work books are amazing and getting a teacher was very very easy! Thai Style is the best!!” Joseph, Skype, 2019

“Superb. I have wasted money on other Thai language methods (Thai 101, Learn Thai with Mod, BBC Languages, Learn Thai & Thai language .com) and Thai Style stands head and shoulders above the rest. I have found that the main part of Thai Style that is so much better than the others is learning at your own pace and the others are teaching words that I may never use! My brain needs re-booting not filling with words that are taking up valuable space! Oh, my step daughter has been trying to get me to pronounce “ng’ correctly since 2015 and I have never managed it. Thai Style explains how to position your lower jaw and tongue to make every sound perfectly. For the first time my step daughters face lit up with delight when I sounded it correctly!! Korb~Koon Krup Thai Style.Richard, Bangkok, 2018

“Very impressive. I really like the integrated approach using both written material and the audio files. They have helped a lot” Scott, Australia, 2018

“Thai style materials are high quality; they are the best I have seen online” Michael, Melbourne, 2018

“the learning material is much better than I anticipated. The combination of the written material and the audio that is repeated by both the female and male instructor is very effecient. Now, I realize, what’s even more helpful to me is that after I repeact a chapter twice, in the practise audio sections I stop looking at the written dialogue and figure out what they are saying on the audio. In this way I can keep up the pace in communicating with my instructor in Thai. I challenge her to do that, especially that I am absorbing the vocaulary much quicker now. Also, I like how in the Homework audio for both the 4 wrds of Task1 and 6 words of Task 2, it occassionally beings back vaocabulary I learned in prior chapters” Sal, NY, USA, 2018

“Really useful – all materials are very good. I’m happy to be learning to read and write as well as to speak. I think the lessons are all really good and there’s lots of choice in terms of ways to learn – eg Youtube and audio files etc” Julia, Skype, 2018

“I am really enjoying every aspect of the course. I rely heavily on the learning materials between lessons either by listening to the audio files or helping me with the homework. It’s important to see the written word which helps to support what you hear.” Diana, Skype, 2018

“I like how the books are laid out and that it keeps building on vocabulary learned on the previous chapter so I feel like I a.m. constantly using the words I am learning. Basically every other method I have tried has failed to help me learn Thai whereas with thaistyle I am feeling quite confident that I am actually learning and can have a basic conversation after only 5 classes.” Lynnie, Skype, 2018

“Section 2 is comprehensive and elaborate. In fact it is quite a challenge to memorize so much new Thai vocabulary but your carefully structured Audio lessons and practice exercises addressed this very effctively” Partha, Bangkok, 2018

“Materials are highly relevant and provide a logical and systematic structure to learn the language” Simon, Sydney, 2018

“Much better than the other courses I checked out. Well conceived and comprehensive. This is a well delivered course. First class teaching, very professional and friendly, she has real enthusiasm for teaching.”  Callum, Phuket, 2018

“I think the chapters a the right length and I enjoy the mix of vocabulary, grammar, and traditions.” Arthur, Maryland, USA, 2018

“I have had a great experience so far. My teacher has been amazing and is very meticulous when teaching me. We also get along very well” Jie, Singapore, 2018

“The learning materials are vey well structured. Homework is comprehensive and helps to thoroughly revise the lessons taught during the course. I find the course well structured, easy to follow and useful in my daily communications with Thai colleagues.” Partha, Bangkok, 2018

“The pace and materials are great for me. The transliteration is a bit different from what I have seen but I think I got the hang of it. I am able to read and write the transliteration easily and hope that will transfer to writing Thai script easily. Thai Style teachers are fluent in English and Thai which is extremely helpful. The convenience of learning over Skype is nice too!” Lynn, Texas, USA, 2018

“Great! I love that all of the lessons build on the previous ones so we see how we can use the vocabulary in many different ways” Kathryn, Bangkok, 2018

“I think the learning materials are presented in a way that makes it an attractive way to learn Thai. I think it is well thought out and is laid out very well for anyone trying to begin learning Thai or to advance their language skills in the pasathai! I much prefer this style as I can move at a pace that is comfortable for me and not the overall class. I try to keep my studies on an even keel of at least 1 hour a day” Les, Bangkok, 2018

“It is a very thorough course that covers most areas. My aim is to hold a conversation and the materials cover informal situations which is what I am looking for” Glen, Bangkok, 2018

“I was originally going to attend Thai Lessons at SOAS but would have missed the first 3 weeks of the course because I was out of the Country. Luckily I found Thai Style.  I originally wanted face to face tuition but was persuaded to try lessons via Skype and was introduced to Pee Ang.  I really can’t imagine a better way to learn.  I have lessons at times that suit me with an excellent teacher.  I’d recommend both Thai Style and Pee Ang to anyone” Graham, UK, Skype, 2018

“The learning materials are excellent with excellent translations and the information is all relevant for living and working in Thai. Thank you very much”

Taweisha, Hat Yai, 2018

“I’ve enjoyed working with the learning materials – it takes you through the course at a steady pace . The explanations are helpful and there’s plenty opportunity to practise and get an understand of many different variations rather than just learning a couple of phrases for a particular situation.” Craig, Edinburgh, 2018

“We are both really enjoying ourselves and we are meeting every week to go through all of the materials. There is so much to learn, but it is enjoyable and everything is very easy to follow and understand. The materials are well layers out and give you a foundation to build on what you have leanest. I think you are doing a great job and I can’t see any reason to make improvements. It is very easy to use and access and I enjoy being a student of the language” Neil, Edinburgh, 2018

“Great material. I highly recommend.” Adam, Skype, 2018

“Good materials. I like the combination of vocabulary and syntax/grammar. There is enough repetition to reinforce learning. The audio files are fine too. I am a university professor who has been teaching for over 20 years, so I understand education pretty well. I expect to move to Thailand with my wife in two years and I expect I’ll be at a pretty high level of proficiency by then” Lawrence, Skype, 2017

“The learning materials are very clear and instructive. I have tried to learn with general Internet pages by myself. The learning material of Thai Style is better organized and easy to understand. Everything is perfect. I am glad to have chosen Thai Style” Andreas, Uttaradit, 2017

“With the written material and extensive online content I think I have everything I need to proceed effectively. The materials are well layed out and explained thoroughly. I find it challenging but fun in proceeding with the course work” Rick, Bangkok, 2017

“Materials are well-structured and sequenced. I particularly enjoy the cultural information, which assists me to understand the social contexts and implications of language. I am loving my Thai Style course.” Simon, Sydney, 2017

“I looked around for a lot of other learning thai companies and I say that your learning materials is the best. Especially on the audio files. I can listen to them anytime for my revision. Your textbook is also very modern and organized for learning. If you want to learn Thai language, do enroll under Thai Style. I have enrolled at a school teaching kids. But I stopped as I felt that it is not efficient for me. The traditional learning materials cannot hold a candle to Thai Style. Your course is more efficient for foreigners learning Thai. Full marks for the teacher. Fantastic Thai Style!” Apollo, Rayong, 2017

“Everything is going really well… I had just spent 5 weeks travelling around Thailand and the skills that i have learned enabled me to communicate with locals in a way that i simply would not have been able to do without your course. Everyone i spoke to was very surprised withe the amount of Thai language that i could speak and understand.  Thank you :)” Michael, Melbourne, 2017

“I have found ThaiStyle to meet my learning needs so much better than the other courses and services I have tried (audio tapes; computer software; Rosetta Stone). The explanation of how to make and hear the different Thai sounds has just opened things up for me. Also all the explanation of Thai grammar and sentence structure has been much appreciated. Being connected to a Thai tutor is also a big factor in the progress I’m making.” Carolyn, LA, USA, 2017

“I tried group classes at another school. Thai Style is so much more effective and interesting.” John, Hua Hin, 2017

“I feel the learning materials are excelent. Well thought through. I feel your organisation and the support provided to be of a very high standard. Much appreciated!” Paul, Brisbane, 2017

“Toffee is erudite, well versed and practised teacher. Patient, considerate and has excelent english language and comprehension” Paul, Brisbane, 2017

“The printed learning materials and the online materials are superb and very helpful. I am enjoying learning the Thai language this way” Peter, Cardiff, UK, 2017

“I have used the Thai for Beginners book and took some skype lessons in the past. I think the Thai Style is a better method because it goes into things in greater depth and kruu Bo is a very dedicated teacher. She is always on time and is enthusiastic when teaching.” Mark, California, 2017

“Well done and I especially like the non-formal parts of the lessons.” Siri, Pranburi, 2017

“I really like the materials. I think they are very well thought out, and useful either by myself or with a teacher” Sam, New York, 2017

“I tried several thai courses, yours is sure the best” Thomas, Skype, 2017

“For the price and what you get, this is without a doubt, the best course I have seen, by far”

Troy, Kent, UK, 2017

“Great! The grammar explanations are super helpful and supplement other learning materials well” Heena, Bangkok, 2017

“These are some of the best learning methods I have ever seen, you should be very happy with the set up and materials you have” Troy, Kent, UK, 2017

“I think the learning materials are very useful, they are easy to understand and refer back to.” Jo, Skype, 2017

“The learning materials are very well presented and progress at the right pace” Adam, Edinburgh, 2017

“The material is very good, it’s structured in a good way to learn. I have previously used class room training, but I like more freedom when using Thai Style online.” Jonas, Skype, 2017

“The stage 1 book (speak thai) is excellent and very well thought out. I really like the audio lessons also …this help tremendously when doing study/homework between lessons” Neil, Bangkok, 2017

“I think that the material is organised in a very clever way, and it explains everything precisely and can help you build a very solid base. I like it very much that there are homeworks at the end of every level. The audio files are very clear and easy to understand. I think this website is very good, I can’t think about anything that i would change. I spent some time in thailand, bought a book and had my friends helping me. What i like about thai Style is that i have a clear direction and a path to follow. The most important and unique feature of this website is that i can keep consistensy of my studies, even if i travel, and i can choose to have a teacher online or offline, this is really what sets apart this website from the rest I think” Giuseppe, Skype, 2017

“I have tried several books and apps for Thai. Your course is the best I have used.” Charles, Khon Kaen, 2017

“I feel like Thai Style teachers know how to teach and the text is a useful guideline. I feel like with Thai Style I am actually in school and that helps me focus and learn more effectively. I like how the material repeats certain words and phrases in different chapters.” Kevin, Bangkok, 2017

“Very didactic and practical course, allied with cultural education”

Phillip, Bangkok, 2017

“Great materials provided by Thai Style. I bought “Thai for Beginners” by Benjawan Becker many years ago but I didn’t like it and stopped” Patrick, Skype, 2017

“Course books are really good! They are clearly laid out and they explain grammatical concepts very well” Heena, Bangkok 2017

“The materials are helping me learn interactively with the audio and the workbooks provided” Julia, Chonburi, 2017

“The learning materials are very helpful for beginners. The grammar points are useful and I like the organization of the topics / vocabulary” Peter, Chicago, 2016

“I try as many methods of learning that I can. One of the challenges of learning a foreign language is keeping it interesting and light. Thai seemed quite simple in the beginning and as I have progressed I have discovered more about what it really takes to have a conversation in Thai. I have taught myself to write the Thai characters and listened to the sounds of Thai. Kruu Jiab does a fantastic job of breaking down the sounds of Thai so that they can be recreated my an alien palette. I think this is where Thai Style stands out from the crowd. The foundational sounds stay with you if you learn them correctly in the beginning, so thank you Kruu Jiab and “Thai Style” Khun Micky, Self Study Learner, 2016

“The learning materials are excellent, I especially like the audio alongside the written material.” Erik, Rayong, 2016

“I have found them very helpful and detailed. The combined approach of audio and text is very effective, and the speakers on the recordings are mostly very clear. Most of the transliterations work very well, although it is difficult/impossible to cater for all accents, even in the UK alone. I’m finding having a personal Thai tutor, lesson plan, and *Homework* very beneficial and helpful. Much better than DIY from a book.” Cormac, Belfast, 2016

“I love the learning materials. I am really impressed by the hard work and the details” Bruno, San Diego, 2016

“The learning materials are great and the audio files are clearly linked to the workbooks which is essential to practice the correct pronunciation” John, London, 2016

“I was born in Bangkok and lived most my life there. But went to international schools and most of my friends were/are faring. I’ve had many different goes at learning Thai. I did not like going to the traditional teachers who made me write letters on the dotted line. I much prefer your course” Siri, Prachuab, 2016

“I like the glossary of words, supported by example sentences. The homework helps me reinforce what I have just learned.” Soo, Singapore, 2016

“I have previously completed an intensive month of language learning at a language school in Bangkok. The language school taught me a lot of Thai. However, Thai style has been excellent. I have received learning materials promptly, found the homework exercises to be helpful revision, and been well supported by a friendly teacher. I would highly recommend Thai Style. I have found the Thai Style materials to be very comprehensive and easy to understand, bringing clarity on the appropriate use of words in different contexts” Lisa, Edinburgh, 2016

“I am amazed at how thought-through your course is. It has been many years since I have taken a learning course and this is truly great. I like the materials, print-outs to make my book, videos, audios, online and quizzes.” 

Pat, LA, California, 2016

“I agree with the other reviews. I have tried to learn Thai on and off for 10 years and just kept giving up. Now I am nearly half way through stage 1 speak Thai and stage 1 read and write Thai and really getting it. Ang/angela is excellent in every way. Angela is thorough, spots my weak points quickly, gentle when I get it wrong, very encouraging when i get it right, and always so friendly. This is so valuable for me but also our business. Thanks Angela! I thoroughly recommend her. Pee Peter, paa-saa tai nuk-rean” Peter, UK, 2016

“The Materials are very good and I find them to be very informative. They are set out very well and are easy to follow and understand” Jason, Skype, 2016

“Very clear to read and understand – well presented” Malcolm, UK, 2016

“The materials are comprehensive and audio very clear and easy to follow. I have now had a break from learning and would like to recommence at the next stage, because I know the quality is so good that I will have no trouble continuing my learning” Robyn, Queensland, Australia, 2016

“Very well organized and easy to follow even when self studying” Louis, Hong Kong, 2016

“They are a good supplement to our live lessons and help us to bring up questions to our teacher if we are not sure how commonly some of the phrases are used. Also it helps us can consistency in the transliterations so we can make sure we are hearing correctly.” Laura, Phuket, 2016

“After three lessons I can say the positive reviews are well justified, my teacher is all round excellent, attention to detail, nice friendly teaching style, reinforcing and encouraging, open to questions and invites submission of homework at any time. The materials are clear, intelligently thought out, comprehensive. Highly recommended.” Peter, Chester, UK 2016

“The materials are incredibly effective, clearly based on a commanding grasp of English, Thai, linguistics and teaching methods. The chapter divisions, structure and order are superb, guiding the learner seamlessly through the challenges which the Thai language poses to native English speakers. I really cannot imagine any way to improve on the materials! They already are far better than materials I have seen anywhere else, including at SOAS and online. Thai Style is far and away the best and most effective method I have used. It leaves the other far behind.” Tim, Guildford 2016

“The Materials are very well thought out” Kevin, Macclesfield UK, 2016

“Excellent. I am a teacher of English in Thailand, and I can honestly say that the materials are comparable to the very best that I work with” Dave, Bangkok 2016

“I bought “Thai for beginners” and “Thai for intermediates” by Benjawan Poomsan Becker. Comparing to those materials, I feel things I learned from Thai Style are more useful for daily conversation” 

Yoshihiro, Skype, 2016

“The read & write course has a very good method of breaking the alphabet accordingly to its tone groups. Also after each chapter there are a range of new words to learn so this helps to expand vocabulary” Ragoo, Birmingham, 2016

“Excellent well structured and easy to follow. plenty of support and when on audio and video. I do not think you could do anything more. every thing you need is provided and I have had two teachers both excellent and a good standard of English” David, Liverpool, 2016

“The learning materials are good, I really like the videos as it is useful to see the mouth movement when pronouncing words. It helps to see the written version next to the screen when a phrase is being spoken” Charlotte, Norwich, 2016

“The materials are well structured; written in simple English with great clarity with creative learning aids (videos and soundtracks)” Amarat, Pathum Thani, 2015

“It is much more than I ever expected. I am amazed at how much I could learn in such a short time. Learning Thai is made easier because of how excellent the material is. I like how each chapter is an add on and there are vocab or other things from the previous chapter that I already know. I like how you emphasize the importance of the tones. The homework is excellent and its like going to a proper school. AMAZING!” Lizzy, Skype, 2015

“The best I have used. The books, as supplemented by the audio, are clear in exposition and contain just the right amount of practice material.” Tim, Guildford, 2015

“I just want to say that you guys have put together an amazing system for learning Thai, well conceived, carefully structured, and delicately paced.  Every time I move to a new part of the program I am struck by the quality of the work.  Supapan is a brilliant teacher and linguist” Dennis, Rayong, 2015

“They are very effective, the homework is thorough and ensures understanding, and the audio files are for me the most useful aspect.” Gregg, London, 2015

“Very comprehensive, I like the format of the dialogue and the intricate and useful meanings displayed for some seemingly simple words” Ben, Skype, 2015

(born-deaf – using sign language) “I find this learning materials very resourceful & easily to reinforce my understanding. Unlikely to many others which are mostly showing the common vocabulary and the phrases/useful sentences, this is much harder tp grasp without knowing how the grammatical structure works such as “student” has two combined Thai words in one definition. This “Speak Thai” courses’ materials give me lots of the ideas how to visualise the tricky patterns/rules of Thai sentences and these explanations are very simplified. I am still looking forward to finish these right to the end.” Tony, Skype, 2015

“Very easy to follow, comprehensive syllabus. I especially appreciate the emphasis on the tonal graph reminders and the transliteration system. It makes learning a bit less of a hassle!”

Benjamin, Ubon Ratchathani, 2015

“The materials are among the best I have seen (and I think I have seem most books and on-line resources). Learning by myself (even with a Thai wife) has proved very difficult. I did a class for a some months but 1 to 1 is so much better.” Daniel, Saraburi, 2015

“Excellent. I have tried in the past with a number of different methods, including ‘Linguaphone’ and ‘Speak Thai with a White Guy,’ none of which i have been able to get on with. This course is methodical, very easy to understand and progresses in a way which teaches the basics first and gives you a sound knowledge of sentence construction. Vocabulary can be picked up on the way. Also the access via the website has been well thought out. Highly recommended and has definitely worked for me” Andrew, Wiltshire, 2015

“The stage one upper intermediate work book is outstanding, This book has gained me knowledge that is essential for my Thai language studies” Luke, Essex UK, 2015

“I find the pacing of the material to be both effective and reasonable. I find the inclusion of a male voice in the audio files a definite plus and advantage to Thai style. The homework provided at the end of each lesson is also an added bonus for independent practice. I also appreciate the inclusion of less formal Thai in addition to formal Thai. I’m very pleased with Thai Style and the support given. Before Thai Style I was taking Skype classes with a private teacher but it lacked focus and structure. Thai style provides the needed structure” Tyler, Skype, 2015

“It was a total fun all throughout! I feel I learned so much not only in terms of language, but also in culture. The materials are very clear and well structured. Well explained” Ruta, Brighton, 2015

“Your written material is far better than any I have used”

Carol, Skype, 2015

“The learning materials are very good, detailed and clearly an awful lot of work has gone into creating them” Allan, Birmingham, 2015

“I really like them! They are exactly what I needed: easy to follow, step-by-step building on new concepts, clear. Very very well done! You are doing all fantastic” Oriol, London, 2015

“Very good – I don’t have time to do all homework, but the materials are clear and easy to understand” William, Bangkok, 2015

“The materials are very good, I feel I am learning very quickly, they are very thorough and well designed” Tara, Skype, 2015

“The course in general makes learning and understanding Thai as easy as possible” James, Bangkok, 2015

“Learning by myself from free materials found on various websites were not that useful compared with Thai Style. You need proper constructed learning materials and definitely hire a Thai teacher to teach you how to pronounce the Thai words as they have many tones for the same word, each tone meaning different things. I found Stage 2 material contents much more useful because it has more vocabulary I can use daily to converse with ordinary Thai people” Joshua, Bangkok, 2015

“I have looked at many learning materials currently available and this course is the most clear and best structured I have come across. It is very hard to fault the learning materials. In the past I have also used online apps and podcasts but Thai Style is far superior.”

Steven, Skype, 2015

“The materials are very good. Besides tones, the focus on Thai as informally spoken is very practical and sets your learning material apart from others” Saminder, Nonthaburi, 2015

“Thai Style courses are extremely thorough, and yet easy to understand. The audio files are the best part, help with learning tone a lot. Very pleased. I previously tried teaching myself, using videos online and books. Took ages, and i didnt learn as much as i wanted to. Thai style is infinitely more effective” Gregg, London, 2015

“The learning materials are very informative and provide excellent background information about thai language and why it is the way it is. I believe the Thai-Style program is very well planned and thought out and would recommend this program for anyone who wishes to learn thai” Anthony, Bangkok, 2015

“I have previously tried private teachers, classes and Rossata stone C.D’s and I find Thai Style is head and shoulders above any other courses that I have attempted in the past, it is set help along with the teachers to assist you with the maximum effect and is the complete package. All the metarial provided is very helpful as is the homework which is set out in a way to keep the past chapters fresh in your mind to help with remembering the past lessons which incress your learning skills” Terry, London, 2015

“I really like the structure of the learning materials, the audio files are extremely good” Gavin, London, 2015

“I don’t want to change from Thai Style to another provider because your learning material is absolut perfect. My highest respect to Jiab because I did not see anything better. I really mean it from the bottom of my heart and I can imagine what a hard work for Jiab it was to develop it. Everything is absolut perfect, the videos, the example sentences and the structure of the course” Walter, Germany, 2015

“Well planned and thought through material. would recommend to anyone wanting to learn. I believe the Thai Style program is very informative and full of helpful information. I don’t believe I can justify improvement. Thai Style is supreme in its background and Thai culture explantations which relate directly to pronunciation and proper speaking”

Anthony, Bangkok, 2015

“The learning materials are very good. Especially the way how you show to the students how to pronounce the words. A very good way to learn a language using advanced technology” Assen, Germany, 2015

“The materials are very good, the structure and how each chapter is laid out is excellent, I really like the vocabulary, dialogues and the test section. I studied beginners thai at the university of London, School of Oriental and African Studies, Russell Square Campus. I find the one on one lessons with thai-style much more effective for me. I also like the focus on speaking thai. The course at SOAS was a large class so speaking was limited. The SOAS course also focused on reading, writing and speaking, which I struggled to keep pace with the class” Gavin, London, 2014

“The learning materials are very good, well written and easy to follow. The audio content is clear. The You tube videos are also very useful” Stephen, UK, 2014

“The learning materials are very useful and practical for real world conversations” Jade, Bangkok, 2014

“I find the learning materials relatively easy to follow and good support material available. Once you get into the learning method of Thai Style School, I find it naturally encourages you to revise previous lessons as you progress with new ones” Stuart, Bournemouth, 2014

“Globally a great teaching method with a great teachers network. Keep up the good work. I really like the balancing between classes and homework sessions. Homeworks are well designed and well supported by the audio files, they are definitely helping me to remember things I have done during the class” Vianney, Bangkok, 2014

“I think the learning materials are Excellent. Very well laid out and clear to understand” John, Worcester, 2014

“The curriculum is well structured, with a good mix of vocabulary, teaching of principles, and practice. The homework is very helpful especially the listening portion. The audio and video supplements online are very good and helpful. I like the tone table and the consistency of it throughout so that you continuously are getting a grasp on the difficult task of tones. The videos are especially helpful in providing a visual and the mouth and throat diagrams are great” Angela, Udon Thani, 2014

“Excellent, the reading and writing I have learnt with ease”

James, Sukhothai, 2014

“I’m certainly pleased with the content of the course. It has a good balance between vocabulary, grammar and cultural information. The audio is almost always clear and a great help for practice” Wouter, Belgium, 2014

“I have just started my Thai course (beginner level) and I have Khun Pum as my teacher in Weymouth. I like to compliment you all on your set up. The materials that I have downloaded are great. I can see a massive amount of work has gone into all of this so thank you very much. Khun Pum is a wonderful teacher who has already gone out of her way to help me start to understand a little of Thai Culture. Thank you all so much” Paul, Weymouth, 2014

“I think that the learning materials as a whole are excellent. The written materials are superb” Oliver, Cambridgeshire, 2014

“I have tried without success learning Thai using other materials. But Thai Style has been great. I like the layout and the audio material is so helpful for revision. Overall more than happy with the materials” Joong, Australia, 2014

“The materials are very easy to understand and written in a great way for learning” Chris, Pattaya, 2014

“In a word, Excellent” Nigel, Sheffield, 2014

“The materials are concise, easier to use than others I’ve tried in the past. They have a better focus on practical Thai without needing to read Thai script beforehand” Devon, Bangkok, 2014

“Excellent with support the learning techniques” Paula, Chester, 2014

“A top quality learning source thank you” Chris, Chonburi, 2014

“I am talking to Thai people more and more, and have picked up some Thai story books. I only have the confidence to do this from what I am learning with Thai Style, which is the core of my learning” Shaun, Aldershot, 2014

“The learning materials help you approach Thai in a very logical easy to follow fashion so that the word order always makes sense. They enable you to form useful basic sentences in a variety of forms.”

Hannah, Glasgow, 2013

“I first tried one of the well known commercial courses and found it hopeless. It left too many questions, gave inadequate explanations and assumed I would have the memory of a parrot. I soon gave it up and then found Thai Style and started as a complete beginner. The materials are superb and show wonderfully how the Thai language works differently from English. You quickly learn the basics and then move on to more interesting and complicated language seamlessly. I’m now learning reading and writing, something I once thought was way beyond me, and this is helping with the speaking too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn Thai, and feel quite sure that it’s the best course and best value for money around” Keith, Brighton, 2013

“I have found the course materials better than any other book I have attempted to learn Thai with before. Everything is broken down into manageable tasks that I can fit into my free time after work. I like the fact that it feels like you are learning bit by bit and progressing every week” Ian, Bangkok, 2013

“With little idea about what I would be getting, I was hesitant paying up front for a language course on the internet. But I took a gamble and, if you want to learn Thai, it is money well spent” Sean, Derby, 2013

“I find that the learning materials build well on each other – with repetition to reinforce learning of vocabulary and grammar covered in previous lessons. I’m very satisfied so far” Nicola, London, 2013

“The learning materials at Thai Style are very well put together ,easy to understand and combined with a good teacher the course is a pleasure to be on” Chris, Preston, 2013

“The materials are so much better than the previous company I used. It’s use of colour, and frequent posting of the tones makes it very effective. Not having to learn a whole system of phonetics is great. The practice and homework audio is invaluable” John, Pattaya, 2013

“The learning materials have been great, once I understood the transliterations I found them easy to work with and made good progress” James, Andover, 2013

“The materials are efficient and I am being taught with the most useful things in communicating in everyday life, which is very important” Jen, London, 2013

“I’ve already praised the excellent materials! I’m back again because I’ve been checking out the new video/ you tube stuff. This is a great innovation to support the lessons. I particularly like 2 things: 1. Thai is spoken at normal speed and then broken down after. It seems to help “tune” my ears as I can stop/ pause/ check then play through without pause. I hope that makes sense? Give it go. You may have a different interpretation but I think you will like it! 2. There are male and female voices as there are also on the audio lessons, but again speaking at faster (normal) speed” Bob, Brighton, 2013

“Learning to speak read and write Thai was a big ask, the structure and tones of the language are very difficult to pick up. It has been some years since i have came home with homework to do. My teacher Mook is a fantastic, professional and approachable teacher. I am determined to finish this course, which will help develop my understanding of Thai culture. Stage 2 bring it on. !!! Thank you Thai Style.” Kennedy, Glasgow, 2013

“I think the materials are very good – very clear and well structured. Audio is very clear. I’ve found everything very well organised and useful” Duncan, Soho, 2013

“I have to admit to starting this course with some trepidation. I knew only a couple of words and probably mispronouced those! The tonal sounds worried me and that’s just for starters! My target was to be able to have a basic conversation and have some understanding of the structures, so that I can string together some basic sentences. Eventually, I hope to make a start on reading and writing – some time away from now, though! I have just completed chapter 6 of the first course and it all going the way I hoped. The material is jam-packed with information. The homework is great especially the audio/ listening section” Bob, Brighton, 2013

“Excellent! I find the materials very interesting and useful. I am far too happy to suggest a change to materials as I am having a great time and happy I found your web site”

John, London, 2013

“I’ve really enjoyed my training with Thai Style to date. The course units are very well designed and help me to progress with a clear strategy for improving my knowledge and understanding of Thai. My teacher, Kruu Oh, is a fantastic teacher! She is very professional, speaks perfect English and is very approachable. Kruu Oh can explain the complexities of the Thai language in a very easy to understand manner – she is an asset to Thai Style!” Paul, Belfast, 2012

“I am over the moon with this course understanding it a lot and can not wait for the next challenge. I am very happy with the course and the service what is provided :-)” Jamie, Ipswich, 2013

“At first I was slightly confused by the materials, but slowly realised I was more confused with the language, haha!! when I got a hold of the concept of the book and the structure of the learning process it became a very helpful learning source!! Very well planned reading and homework activities, even for someone like myself who is easily frustrated and loses patience… All in all.. great!” Jack, Islington, 2012

“I am very happy with the learning materials… Everything is well mapped out in the book, and the Audio files are great to listen to on my laptop to practice repeating saying the words and remembering them. I have two lessons a week, but I have homework to keep me busy and learning through the week. Thank you.” Paul, Glasgow, 2012

“For me, and my learning technique, the materials available here are great. They say a little about the background of the words, they explain the grammar clearly without being over complicated and intimidating and they cover all types of informal to slang words and phrases that could be useful to know. I feel everything is clear and well presented. Website is easy enough to work around, being enrolled and then starting classes is very straight forward. My only personal issue was the enrollment price as for me that was a lot of money, but it all seems very reasonable with all the things I am gaining from it. My only real problem was enrolling for the wrong stage and needing a higher level of Thai work sheets but after a phone call and an email everything was sorted out and very easily too.” Hazel, York, 2012

“The material is well written… there is just so much of it!” Len, Cardiff, 2011

“I very much enjoy the opportunity to develop my understanding of Thai culture in addition to developing my language. Regards.”

Pete, Chester, 2012

“The materials are very well done, both to provide a framework for the lessons and for subsequent revision/homework. The quite small chapter sizes are about the right ‘bite size’ for a 1 hour lesson (or 2 in a 2 hour lesson). The workbooks and audio materials compliment each other well” Stephen, Andover, 2012

“I’ve found the course book on Stage 1 (Short Course) very well laid out and beginner friendly. Unusual aspects of the language are well covered and the chapters contain just the right amount of information and homework. Likewise, the audio files complement the the written material and enhance the learning experience. All in all, very accessible.” Brendan, London, 2012

“I am enjoying the course and making progress albeit slowly. I am glad I chose your company to study the Thai language. I have also found the owners friendly and helpful. I would have no hesitation in recommending yourselves to others” Donald Hardie (GLASGOW) och aye ! 2012

“Tomorrow I will go to Thailand for the first time, I have never been before. My Thai friends tell me that I very good at speaking Thai and that I am a very fast learner. I will look for work as an English teacher in Bangkok from September this year. Thankyou very much for helping me learn Thai. I have found the Thai Style course very useful. I would also like to say a huge thankyou to my Thai teacher here in London, khun Joy. She has been so patient, supportive and encouraging. I think she is one of the best teachers that I have ever had for any subject in my entire life! If anybody that I know wants to learn Thai, I will absolutely recommend Thai Style to them! Thankyou once again, and I wish you the best of luck and success for the future” Nick, Islington, 2012

“The “Upper Intermediate Stage 1″ book is an amazing summary of the Thai language and makes a good reference work : Stage 2 is also produced beautifully and the vocabulary notes are very clear”

Alan, Watford, 2012

“Learning the “Speak Thai” course with Thai Style has been a real pleasure for me. From the initial enquiry and all the way through my course the support given has been excellent. Having purchased various Thai language books in the past, I was pleasantly suprised with the quality of the learning materials provided by Thai Style. The audio files are clear and easy to follow. I transferred them onto my mp3 player and listen to them on my way to work which has been brilliant! A lot of thought has clearly been given to the layout and professional appearance of the written books. Both the written and audio materials are delivered in stages. As a result, I never feel overwhelmed by the amount of information to be memorised. I can work at my own pace, and when I am ready I can request the next stage of materials to be sent to me. Tom (Managing Director) was very helpful when locating a teacher for me, especially as I live in a remote area. I am thoroughly enjoying my lessons, and try to book one each week if possible. As with most Thai’s, my teacher is very welcoming and hospitable. The lessons are flexible too, if I find one section paticularly easy, then I tend to breeze through to the next. There are homework books which are simple and to the point, I can take 10 minutes after each lesson to make sure it has all sunk in. In summary, I feel that Thai Style is the way to go for any person who is serious about learning the language. I have progressed far quicker than I ever did ‘going it alone’ with just a book. My lessons allow me not only to speak with a native Thai teacher, but learn all about the facinating culture and traditions of Thailand. With the “Speak Thai” course for a total of £80 – it was a no-brainer for me!” Peter, Kent, 2012

“I thought I was mad embarking on this, but I am finished stage one now and I feel confident enough to get going on stage two straight away. The last four months of lessons have been great and they are a credit to the Thai Style team, especially to my very patient teacher Gluay. Thanks” Tony, Watford, 2012

“My husband and I are very impressed with the structure of learning, the audio has been exceptionally helpful and the work sheets and books are also very good. Our teacher is a lovely person with a lot of patience and understanding. We are enjoying learning with Thai Style and would definately recommend to others” Nicola, Croydon, 2012

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the Short Thai course. The workbook and audio are excellent and complement one another perfectly. I would also highly recommend my teacher Khun Sammy. She is friendly, professional and well organised. Her teaching style is great fun and creates an environment in which I am not afraid to make mistakes. She provides constant feedback and encouragement which is very motivating. My pronunciation and confidence in speaking Thai have improved enormously. I am so impressed I have upgraded to the Speak Thai course” Nicholas, Edinburgh, 2012

“The course and the teaching is excellent and exceeded my expectations. I think that it is really good value for money”

David, Birmingham, 2012

“Very happy with what i have learnt so far, teacher is excellent and goes to a lot of effort to help” Jason, Watford, 2012

“I am finding that working through the books with the sound files provides so much learning and are really well put together. I am so eager to learn and cannot wait to start the next chapter!! Thai-Style has provided a real focus for me and my only regret is that I didn’t start earlier!” Terry, Bristol, 2011

“I think the existing approach is professional but informal and effective. I am personally very happy that I achieved my goals with my focus on conversational Thai” Ken, Brighton, 2011

“I have been studying the thai style course for 8 week’s now and I think that I am progressing very well. I had a limited knowledge of thai language before I started,learning what I could on my travel’s to thailand,but with the course I can now start to construct sentences with the vocabulary I am learning and hopefully soon I will be able to have more conversations. I think I have a good rapport with khun Oh my teacher and the fact that she is a native Thai speaker help’s enormously with any problem’s I encounter with grammar and the tone’s of the language. I would recommend the course to anyone who want’s to learn ‘paa saa thai’, whether it’s for holiday’s to thailand or more serious study, as it has given me the incentive to possibly study Thai full time in thailand !! la gorn.” Ade, Cardiff, 2011

“I’m an Italian guy and I’ve been study English in my past and now Thai language and if I must compare the course I had I have to admit that I never found a teacher and teaching method so great as a Thai Style course.I”m still learning Thai in Thailand and I did not find yet something like Thai Style school method” Dario, Brighton, 2010